Wendy's divorce judge chastises her guardian over star's financial records (2024)

WENDY William's divorce judge has berated her guardian for withholding the star's financial records from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, despite his repeated requests.

The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal that during a hearing on Friday, Judge Michael Katz told Wendy’s guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, that there would be no resolution regarding Kevin’s divorce payments without her first handing over the star’s financial records to her ex.




"I know this is a difficult case for a lot of different reasons," Katz said during the hearing.

"It's difficult for the parties, but also because of the physical, mental health, and financial issues, it's difficult for both parties, and both parties need to have this resolved. I think this case needs to go to arbitration, but Mr. Hunter needs discovery."

Kevin, 51, then suggested that Sabrina, 59 — who obtained guardianship of Wendy, 59, in 2022 due to her declining health — was purposely withholding the TV personality's financial records out of fear of being exposed for allegedly pocketing his ex-wife's money.

"Ms. Morrissey has given me no reason for stopping the payments. If Ms. Morrissey had tried to modify the records, that would be different," the television producer alleged.

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"I'm not just concerned about the money; she's come in and swooped in and depleted the account in that time," Kevin further claimed.

"This has become a real travesty."


The judge scolded Wendy's guardian about not complying with Kevin's request, saying, "Clearly, this can’t settle because the parties are in the dark."

Sabrina defended herself, replying, "I’ve done what I can do under the New York court, but it’s very difficult to put out stuff that’s supposed to be private."

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"People won’t settle if they don’t have all the info, so I don’t know why they don’t have information," Katz hit back.

Kevin then expressed his frustration over the situation and claimed that his ex had more than enough money in the bank to resume the divorce payments they had previously agreed on.

Wendy Williams' ex Kevin Hunter demands to see her bank records in divorce case after judge claims she has 'no money'

It's been three years since the divorce payments stopped, the father of two noted before mentioning Wendy's latest huge-paying gig - her Lifetime docuseries, Where Is Wendy Williams?, released earlier this year.

"Whatever she signed made $500,000 plus. Meanwhile, Ms. Morrissey is telling me there is no money, but everyone’s wearing all the finest in the production.

"She’s clearly very in tune with production as she’s been signing off on it," Kevin alleged.

Katz directed his attention to Sabrina and said, "I don't know anything about that, but it seems to be that you have the consent of [Wendy] to get this resolved, and if Mr. Hunter was only offered two months of statements, it behooves him to know what's out there and to give what's been asked."

"An arbitrator will decide if there was a breach [of Kevin and Wendy's marital settlement agreement], and then if there was, we need discovery to see any damages,"he demanded.

I’m not just concerned about the money but she’s come in and swooped in and depleted the account in that time. This has become a real travesty.

Kevin HunterIn Court Regarding Wendy's Guardian, Sabrina Morrissey

The U.S. Sun obtained exclusive photos of Kevin and Sabrina leaving the hearing, with Kevin looking pleased with its outcome and Sabrina appearing stressed.

Earlier this month, Wendy's guardian asked the judge to put a gag order on Kevin's request, though Katz didn't entertain that idea at the hearing.

"I request that the Court increase the protection of this case and issue a 'gag order' thereby instructing Mr. Hunter not to speak to the press or others, except for legal advisors, about these matters and to instruct anyone with whom he has previously discussed these matters that they should not communicate about these matters with anyone else," Sabrina demanded in her filing.


As The U.S. Sun previously reported, Kevin asked the court to intervene after claiming his and Wendy's Marital Settlement Agreement payments suddenly ceased shortly before she was placed under guardianship.

A source close to the mediation negotiations in 2022 previously revealed to The U.S. Sun thatduring one meeting between the partiesin December, the mediator informed Kevin and his team, "The reality is that there is no more money."

The out-of-court sessions were supposed to resolve Kevin's claims that he is owed money as per his and Wendy's agreement.

The insider close to the negotiations said that despite the mediator's statement aboutWendy's financial affairs, "there was no proof offered to them to support the allegation" that the former Wendy Williams Show host is broke.


Wendy admitted in her Lifetime docuseries while discussing her guardianship, "I have no money."

"And let me tell you something: if it happens to me, it can happen to you."

Ahead of the docuseries' release, Wendy's care team announced she was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, impacting her mental and physical health.

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The health update came two years after Wendy was let go from her talk show for skipping out on the entire 13th season.

Wendy hosted the nationally syndicated talk show from 2008 until 2021.




Wendy's divorce judge chastises her guardian over star's financial records (2024)
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