THE NET; Bugged by the Year 2000? Get sorted before the Web shuts. (2024)

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No matter who else will be enjoying a boogie night for theMillennium, you can be sure that geeks will not be at the party.

Especially the 20,000-odd enlisted in Blair's Army to solvethe Millennium Bug.

The simple fact, according to all the experts, is that itwon't be solved in time - and the best we can expect is six monthsof chaos and around a trillion pounds in assorted litigation.

The problem is simple - we use date information in a convenientshorthand .... 01/12/96, knowing we mean 01/12/1996.

Computers are thick and can't tell if we mean 1996, 2096 or1896.

So, programs written in the last 30-odd years have to be told thedifference - sometimes in a computer language that no-one even knowsnowadays.

But, before you get locked out, try Greenwich 2000 for anexplanation. year2000/

Surfed it? Good. Now you know the tech of it. But what you reallywant to know is ... will your PC go loony on Jan 1, 2000?

It shouldn't, say experts, if it was made after 1997 - but,even here, a survey by Computerweek magazine found that 47 per cent ofpost-1997 PCs still weren't Year 2000 compliant.

Those nice people at America Online have come up with some terriblyhandy hints on Y2K, as yer Netheads call it - most of them involvingparting with cash and waiting two to six weeks for the software, ifyou're lucky.

That's if you can log on to AOL at all ... it's so slowyou might as well have had total PC failure. solvice/y2k.htm

Now that you know your PC will meltdown a nanosecond into the year2000, you will want to fix it.

But waiting for one of Tony's IT experts might just take toolong -why not go to the fount of all knowledge and find out ifthere's a quicker way?

Mind you, it means wading through a bewildering array of terms like"assembler conversions", but you might find what you need.

Or just use Year 2000's list of helpful software companies whoknow what the problem is -and what to charge you to fix it.

You could even call the police. According to the Home OfficeWebsite, yer Sweeney is geared up for the event.

They know exactly what will fail and have a checklist to pove it.

They fully expect to be called out to the likes of failed lifts,stuck traffic lights, car park barriers that won't open, speedingcameras that won't flash and cars that won't work becausevehicle management systems have packed in.

In fact, reading the Home Office guide to the police is probablythe closest you will get to the truth of what's ahead.


Of course, I am okay. I use an Apple Mac and Apple Macs weredesigned to be date compliant until the year 2019.

Naturally, by then, they'll have solved the problem.

Er ... won't they?

Top Tartan Day Tips

America has voted April 6 as National Tartan Day and the Net hasmore plaid than a tin of shortbread ... here are five Websites for theBig Day.

1: Scotland Online: Ahead of the pack, SOL have a Tartan day sitecomplete with a list of events.

http://www.tartanday. com/index1.htm

2: Clan Blair: Yes, Tony's Highland pals mention Tartan Day -but they have Congress ratifying it on APRIL 7 - a day late! It shouldhave said March 7.

3: Roma: Worst taste one - it's an advert for whisky-flavouredcondoms, as worn at Bannockburn, allegedly. stud/ntd1.htm

4: Capitol Scot: Washington DC's Scots magazine - excellent.

5: Clan Mackay: Canadians point out that they thought of Tartan Dayfirst . kay/musings_mackay/Tartan Day.htm

From Kashmir to East Timor and beyond, the rebels are taking to theNet to help win their wars.

Latest entrants in the Net propaganda battle is the war-scarredtropical island of Bougainville, where the rebels are fighting the PapuaNew Guinea government in between truces.

Run from Sydney, Australia, the Bougainville Freedom Movementwebsite isn't a riot of technical expertise. In fact, apart from alogo for the unrecognised 'Republic of Bougainville' it isfairly stark and content is mainly selected press clippings orstatements.

But BFM's national co-ordinator Vikki John said: "We arevery lucky to have this. It lets the world see what we are doing."

Except in Bougainville. There's no electricity.


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THE NET; Bugged by the Year 2000? Get sorted before the Web shuts. (2024)
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