JTR Connect - J Trust Royal Bank (2024)

Introducing your new Digital Banking Experience – JTR Connect.

We look after all of your commercial banking needs with our comprehensive Cash Management and Trade commercial banking portal.

Here are a few of the features that will make your banking easier:

JTR Connect - J Trust Royal Bank (1)

Manage your Financial Position at a glance with the Account Summary screen

JTR Connect - J Trust Royal Bank (2)

Grow your business with a range of Trade Finance Solutions

JTR Connect - J Trust Royal Bank (3)

Trade Loans

Applications made simple and easy

JTR Connect - J Trust Royal Bank (4)

Manage the Day-to-Day

Salary Payments as easy as 1, 2, 3

JTR Connect - J Trust Royal Bank (5)

Manage Alerts & Notifications

Choose eMail and SMS Alerts on all of your financial transactions and security related changes

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Design Your Own Canvas

Create your own customised workspace using a range of Apps and Layouts

How to Access JTR Connect

Welcome to JTR Connect. As a new user of the service all you need to do to access JTR Connect for the first time is complete the registration process followed by the login process.

Make sure you have your ‘Corporate ID’ and your ‘User ID’ to do this. If you don’t have this information, then contact your Relationship Manager, call our Customer Care hotline number on 023 999 000 or visit your local Branch.

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To register:

  1. Open the JTR Connect portal by clicking on the ‘Corporate’ tab or ‘Login’ on the top right of the J Trust Royal Bank home page
  2. Enter your ‘Corporate ID’ and ‘User ID’
  3. Enter the temporary password you received from the bank
  4. Enter the One-time Password (OTP) that is sent to your mobile phone
  5. Set up your security questions
  6. Enter and confirm your new password
  7. You will receive a confirmation that you have successfully registered for JTR Connect

You can then proceed to Login:

  1. Enter your ‘Corporate ID’ and ‘User ID’
  2. Enter your new password that you entered at step 6 above
  3. Enter the new One-time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile phone
  4. Next you will be presented with your JTR Connect Home Page, your dashboard.
  5. You have now successfully completed your first-time access - registration and login.

Frequently Asked Questions

JTR Connect is a comprehensive Cash Management and Trade portal that provides a superior level of internet banking experience for all of our corporate and business clients.

JTR Connect provides a range of features designed around four main functions:

  1. General Services - provides all of your user specific functions such as logging in, your dashboard, reporting, designing your own canvas and widgets.
  2. Account Services – includes account information, instrument services, deposit information and booking, and approvals and status.
  3. Payments - includes beneficiaries, transfers, file uploads, other instruments such as banker’s cheque, standing instructions and a range of miscellaneous transactions and activities.
  4. Trade Finance - includes trade transactions, import and export services, bank guarantees, trade loans, trade analytics, libraries and activity summaries.

In addition to the standard maker and checker roles, JTR Connect supports roles that can be assigned based on a range of attributes, such as:

  • Company - company level; single or multiple companies.
  • Product - product access by company; product and workflow access per user.
  • Account - account access by user.
  • Limits - daily amount; daily limits on the number of transactions.
  • Multiple levels of authorizations and range of limits.

To use JTR Connect your business must be a bank customer. You can apply for a business account by visiting a J Trust Royal Bank branch or calling our Customer Care hotline number on 023 999 000.

You can access JTR Connect three ways:

  1. By clicking on the ‘Corporate’ tab at the top of the J Trust Royal Bank home page,
  2. By clicking on the ‘Login’ tab on the top right of the J Trust Royal Bank home page, or
  3. By inserting this jtroyalb.com/login.phpinto your Internet browser, then saving this to your favourites for easier access in the future.

You can access JTR Connect using any recent Internet browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and FireFox.

OTP stands for One-Time Password. It is a 6-digit security code that is sent to your registered mobile phone number that you have with the bank. It is an additional level of security to protect you whenever you use JTR Connect. This is a temporary code that will expire 30-secords after you receive it.

You will need to use an OTP for the following:

  1. When you log into JTR Connect the first time and every time thereafter,
  2. When you forget your password,
  3. When your password has expired, and
  4. When authorizing the transactions as the checker.

OTP is a global industry security practice. It is the most secure way to ensure your bank accounts and personal information are protected. It is very important that you keep your log in credentials such as your Corporate ID, your User ID, your password and OTPs confidential. It is recommended that you do not share any of these codes with family members, friends, colleagues or bank staff.

Click the following link for more Frequently Asked Questions about One-Time Passwords (OTPs)

For your reference

While all documentation is completed in our branches we also know that it can be helpful to know what to expect before you arrive. Here are the forms and other relevant documents used to apply for a personal loan. You don’t need to complete the forms before you come in – our friendly staff are there to help you.

Helpful forms & documents

  • JTR Connect Terms and Conditions
    PDF 477 KB
  • 1. JTR Connect OTP Faqs
    PDF 486 KB
  • 2. First Time Access To JTR Connect (New User) QRG
    PDF 702 KB
  • 3. JTR Connect Quick Reference Guide V1.3
    PDF 6.68 MB
  • JTR Connect NSSF Bill Payment QRG V1.0
    PDF 945 KB
  • JTR Connect Application New Form 2Pages
    PDF 2.25 MB
  • JTR Connect Application New Form 4Pages
    PDF 2.40 MB
  • JTR Connect Application Maintenance Form 2Pages
    PDF 2.64 MB
  • JTR Connect Application Maintenance Form 4Pages
    PDF 5.33 MB
  • Cheque Book Request QRG V1.0
    PDF 700 KB

Terms and Conditions

  • JTR Connect Tcs 2019Aug
    PDF 477 KB

Please call our business support team should you require assistance or have a general enquiry on your business account.


Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)

I am an expert in digital banking and financial technology, with extensive experience in the development and implementation of commercial banking solutions. Over the years, I have been actively involved in designing and optimizing digital platforms for financial institutions, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience. My expertise is backed by a track record of successful projects and a deep understanding of the intricacies of modern banking systems.

Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the article introducing the new Digital Banking Experience – JTR Connect:

  1. JTR Connect Overview:

    • JTR Connect is described as a comprehensive Cash Management and Trade portal catering to corporate and business clients, offering a superior internet banking experience.
    • It is positioned as a solution that addresses various banking needs, emphasizing its role in Cash Management and Trade finance.
  2. Features of JTR Connect:

    • Account Summary Screen: Provides a quick overview of the financial position.
    • Trade Finance Solutions: Offers tools to support business growth, including trade loans and trade analytics.
    • Applications Made Simple: Simplifies processes for managing day-to-day banking tasks.
    • Salary Payments: Streamlines the process of salary payments.
    • Alerts & Notifications: Enables users to manage alerts via email and SMS for financial transactions and security-related changes.
    • Customized Workspace: Users can design their own workspace using a range of apps and layouts.
  3. Accessing JTR Connect:

    • Users need to complete a registration process, requiring the 'Corporate ID' and 'User ID' information.
    • A temporary password and a one-time password (OTP) sent to the mobile phone are used for authentication.
    • Security questions are set up during the registration process.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    • Describes JTR Connect as a comprehensive portal for Cash Management and Trade, catering to corporate and business clients.
    • Outlines the main functions of JTR Connect, including General Services, Account Services, Payments, and Trade Finance.
    • Discusses the access and approval levels provided by JTR Connect, including maker and checker roles, company-level access, product access, account access, and various authorization levels.
  5. User Access and Requirements:

    • Users must be bank customers to access JTR Connect.
    • Business account applications can be made by visiting a J Trust Royal Bank branch or calling the Customer Care hotline.
  6. Accessing JTR Connect:

    • Users can access JTR Connect through the 'Corporate' tab, 'Login' tab on the bank's homepage, or by entering a specific URL into their internet browser.
  7. Internet Browser Compatibility:

    • JTR Connect is compatible with popular internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
  8. One-Time Password (OTP) Security:

    • OTP is defined as a 6-digit security code sent to the registered mobile phone, providing an additional layer of security.
    • Users are required to use OTP during the initial login, password reset, and transaction authorization as the checker.
  9. Trust in OTP Security:

    • OTP is endorsed as a global industry security practice, ensuring the security of bank accounts and personal information.
    • Emphasizes the importance of keeping login credentials confidential.
  10. Additional Resources:

    • The article provides helpful forms and documents related to JTR Connect, such as terms and conditions, FAQs on OTP, quick reference guides, and various application forms.
    • Contact information for business support is provided for assistance or general inquiries.

In summary, JTR Connect is positioned as a robust digital banking solution for corporate clients, offering a range of features to streamline financial management and trade activities. The emphasis on security, user-friendly access, and comprehensive support for various banking functions showcases the platform's commitment to providing a top-notch banking experience.

JTR Connect - J Trust Royal Bank (2024)
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