BW2 March 24-31, 2025 PRIVATE GROUP 8 Day Premium Big Whale Trip in Campo Cortez Ecolodge, San Ignacio Lagoon (2024)

About this trip

Embark on a remarkable adventure with our 8-day Big Whale Trip, offering an unparalleled whale-watching experience in the breathtaking landscapes of Baja, Mexico. Our journey takes you to two extraordinary destinations: the renowned Gray Whale Sanctuary at San Ignacio Lagoon along the Pacific coastline and the charming town of Loreto on the Sea of Cortez .

During this immersive 8-day expedition, we venture to the Pacific coastline, home to the legendary San Ignacio Lagoon and its winter breeding grounds for Pacific Gray Whales. Nestled in our private Ecolodge "Campo Cortez," we immerse ourselves in four days and nights of unforgettable encounters with the famous "friendly Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon." These gentle giants approach our boats, inviting us to scratch, pet, and even sing to them and their adorable newborn calves. San Ignacio Lagoon is the exclusive site where this extraordinary interaction has become a regular phenomenon.

Next you'll enjoy the luxury of a seaside resort hotel on the Sea of Cortez, where we spend three nights and two full days observing majestic whales and exploring the local islands. Loreto boasts an abundance of marine mammal and bird wildlife, including Blue Whales, Humpbacks, Sperm Whales, Orcas, and playful dolphins, among others. The Sea of Cortez is globally recognized as one of the most biodiverse marine habitats, making it an ideal destination for an extraordinary whale-watching encounter.

Join us on this unique journey to witness the wonders of whale watching in San Ignacio Lagoon and Loreto, Baja, Mexico. Book your adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Trip Overview

We meet the morning of departure at a local San Diego hotel and shuttle to the Tijuana airport via the Cross Bridge Express (CBX). Your experienced guide leads the group to meet our privately chartered plane which flies directly to San Ignacio Lagoon. Upon arrival in the lagoon, you are greeted by our guides and staff and the next stop is Campo Cortez, our Ecolodge. Once at Campo Cortez, you’ll experience the first-class personal service of Maldo Fischer and his family and our devoted guides as they host 4 days and nights with 2 whale-watching trips daily and a variety of other guide-led expeditions.

On Day 5 we depart Campo Cortez and meet a privately chartered flight to Loreto. Upon arriving in Loreto, we will get settled in at the hotel and you will enjoy a free evening to explore Loreto’s many exquisite restaurants on your own or you can join the group for dinner. The next morning after breakfast at the hotel we walk across the street to load into our boats for the sea safari tour of Loreto National Marine Park. We will search for Blue Whales, Humpbacks, Fins, Orcas, and other wildlife including blue-footed boobies, sea lions, and dolphins. A stop on Coronado Island is a highlight, you’ll see turquoise water and dramatic lava flows. Browse for shells, rest, swim, or hike along the island. You’ll have time to unwind before we head back to Loreto. The rest of the day is your free time to enjoy the hotel pool, go sightseeing, kayaking, walk, shop, or whatever else you enjoy. On the seventh day, we meet for breakfast and go for our final sea safari in Loreto National Marine Park. Upon returning, the rest of the day is yours to enjoy free time in Loreto.

On Day 8, after a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we say goodbye and check out of the hotel to catch returning flights home.

Trip Highlights

§ 8 whale watching trips

§ 4 days and 4 nights at our private Ecolodge: Campo Cortez

§ Naturalists led discussions and field excursions

§ Hiking, beach combing, tide pool exploration, star gazing

§ 3 nights in Loreto at Hotel La Mision

§ See the best of both coasts - Sea of Cortez and San Ignacio Lagoon

§ Whale watching with the friendly Gray Whales at San Ignacio Lagoon

§ Sea Safaris with Whale watching in Loreto National Park to see Blue Whales, Humpbacks, Fin

Whales and other wildlife species

§ Free time in Loreto to explore on your own

§ Explore a local island off the coast of Loreto

§ All meals at Campo Cortez are included and breakfast meals in Loreto are included

Campo Cortez Our Private Ecolodge

Discover the unparalleled experience offered by Campo Cortez Ecolodge – your gateway to an unforgettable adventure at San Ignacio Lagoon. As a locally owned and operated ecolodge, we pride ourselves on our exceptional location, modern amenities, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Nestled on the outskirts of civilization, Campo Cortez Ecolodge provides a unique blend of comfort and environmental consciousness. Our off-the-grid community has been powered by solar and wind energy for over 25 years, ensuring a clean and renewable source of power. Constructed using traditional building methods and local materials, our palapa serves as the central gathering point for daily activities and meals.

With our state-of-the-art solar and wind generation system, you'll have access to 110 AC or 12-volt DC power for all your charging needs. Whether it's your phone, video camera, or camera batteries, you can conveniently recharge them in the dining palapa or your cabin during the day. Our facilities feature hot showers, flushing marine toilets, and numerous hand washing stations, providing modern comforts in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Stay connected with our STARLINK internet service, ensuring you can share your memorable moments and stay in touch with loved ones. Take advantage of our kayaks for guided excursions into the enchanting mangroves, or explore our trails for walking, hiking, and beachcombing. Join our tide-pooling excursions, where you'll discover fascinating marine life and even try your hand at chocolate clam hunting during our weekly clam and oyster bake.

Always available in the palapa are:

§ Book and video library of Baja & marine mammals & plants

§ Television to view our daily videos & presentations

§ Science and weather monitoring station

§ Coffee and hot tea

§ Snacks and fruit

§ Sodas, beer, and wine

§ Fresh drinking water


Our beachside cabins come equipped with electricity, comfortable beds and are well protected from the wind and elements. Twelve of our cabins are double occupancy with two single beds and three cabins are triple occupancy with a double bed on one side and a single bed opposite. All our cabins are supplied with fresh linens, pillows, shelves and a countertop area with mirror. They are cozy, efficient and leave a small footprint on the land. The exteriors are painted with colors that blend into the mangroves and natural landscape which is a requirement to be approved by the local ecological committee.

Special Accommodations: If you have any special needs, let us know and we will do everything we can to make your stay comfortable. If you use a CPAP machine, we have two cabins that provide power throughout the night to CPAP devices.

Loreto Seaside Historic Baja town

The town of Loreto offers a rich mix of Old Mission traditions, authentic lifestyles, with a wealth of Mexican Culture. Loreto was the first capital of the Californias, and the historic “Our Lady of Loreto” Mission, located in Loreto’s town square is still open to the public and for daily use. Loreto’s beautiful location is nestled between the Sea of Cortez and the Sierra de la Giganta Mountain range, giving visitors a unique mix between ocean and mountain activities.

LA MISON HOTEL- THE ULTIMATE LUXURY IN LORETO Discover La Mision Hotel in Baja Sur, a stunning and elegant resort with a contemporary European-Mexican Hacienda Style which shows the “Old Mission” flavor of Baja Mexico. Hotel La Mision offers a luxurious oceanfront experience for those who seek the finest hotel accommodations in Loreto, Mexico.

Brief Itinerary

Trip Begins: San Diego, CA (airfare to San Diego not included)

Trip Ends: Loreto, Baja CA Sur (airfare from Loreto not included)

Day 1:

Travel Day to San Ignacio Lagoon to our private Ecolodge, Campo Cortez

Day 2 - 4:

3 full days & nights including 6 whale watching trips with the Gray Whales

Day 5:

Enjoy a Scenic Flight to Loreto and check in to the Luxury Hotel for free. Evening to explore your own quaint seaside town

Day 6 & 7:

Sea Safaris with Whale Watching in Loreto National Marine Park and time to explore on a Local Island

Day 8:

Travel Day - After Breakfast, Check-out and flights home (airfare from Loreto not included)

Camp Schedule and Activities

Daily Camp Schedule:

7:00am Coffee, cereals, fruit

8:00am Hot breakfast

8:45am Whale watching

12:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Whale watching

5:00pm Happy hour

6:00pm Dinner

9:00pm Lights out-Palapa

Camp Schedule WILL vary day to day based on tide movements and weather

Camp Activities:

§ Guided tide pool exploration & critter hunts

§ Guided kayaking* excursions to mangroves

§ Naturalist led excursions & lectures

§ Up close whale observation & petting

§ Happy hour & incredible sunsets

§ Gray whale boneyard

§ Beach combing and dark sky stargazing

§ Bird watching

*Kayaking is dependent upon the tide and weather. Camp guides will lead kayaking trips

Booking and Availability

Availability is on a limited basis. Please make your reservations well in advance to secure your space on the aircraft and at camp. Many of our guests plan and book their trips at least six to twelve months in advance. For your comfort, space is limited at camp and all our reservations are made on a first come basis. Please call or email us to check our schedule for availability.

Before your departure, you’ll receive from us:

§ Comprehensive itinerary package & travel information

§ Camp guidelines & whale watching information

§ Guide information & contact information

§ Detailed packing list

Happy Guests

We are consistently rated the #1 Travelers’ Choice on Trip Advisor year after year for one reason, our Staff and Owners - who are residents and locals to San Ignacio Lagoon. We are four generations of family living and working in the lagoon since the settlement of San Ignacio Lagoon. We take pride in our efforts at our Ecolodge to have a low-impact environmentally and the responsibility that we carry as Ambassadors to the lagoon and its many wildlife residents.

What’s included

  • All Meals and Beverages

    Meals, snacks, beer, wine & soda while at Campo Cortez

  • Breakfast daily

    While in Loreto

  • Welcome Happy Hour

    At Hotel La Mision

  • Naturalist Discussions

    Naturalist led walks & discussions. All of our boat trips have Naturalist guides to answer any questions you may have on whale behavior or activities.

  • 2 Whale Watches per day

    Enjoy a short ride to the whale observation area from our location. Enjoy a morning and an afternoon whale watch daily.

  • Tide pools Exploration

    When the tide is low we provide boots for you to use for exploring the tide pools.

  • Biosphere Entry Fee

    Entrance fee to Vizcaino Biosphere – (added to your invoice)

What’s not included

  • Premium liquor

    Premium liquor or call drinks are at a separate cost

  • Transportation

    To San Diego, Ca and from Loreto, Baja, Mexico

  • Dinners and lunches

    On your own in Loreto

  • Lunch on Travel Day

    On our travel day from San Diego to San Ignacio, snacks will be provided. If you want a heartier meal, there will be opportunity at the Tijuana airport to grab a quick bit to eat.

  • Travel Insurance

    We highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance

  • Staff Gratuity

    If you'd like to leave a gratuity for our staff, you will have the opportunity to do so at the end of the trip.

Available Packages

BW2 Deluxe Big Whale Trip


$75 Vizcaino Biosphere Fee

$25 Loreto National Marine Park

$185 Airport and CBX Fee

$5450 Trip Fee


Deluxe Big Whale Trip (Solo traveler)


$75 Vizcaino Biosphere Fee

$25 Loreto National Marine Park

$185 Airport and CBX Fee

$5450 Trip Fee
$850 Single Supplement Fee
If you are traveling solo and want your own cabin, then a Single Supplement Fee is required. Availability is limited.


BW2 March 24-31, 2025 PRIVATE GROUP 8 Day Premium Big Whale Trip in Campo Cortez Ecolodge, San Ignacio Lagoon (2024)
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