Academic Rules and Regulations (2024)

The Academic Rules and Regulations outline important aspects of studying at University College Utrecht. Read the document carefully.

A new edition is released every academic year and is applicable to all students, no matter when you started:

Download ARR 2023-2024, remains valid until 31 August 2024

Download ARR 2024-2025

A summary of the most important changes in 2024-2025:

  • Art 3.6.2c
    7,5 credit thesis removed as alternative to the 15 credit thesis, with one transition year. So, the option stays in place for students who are in their final year in ’24-‘25.
  • Art 3.6.2h
    New cohort requirement only (so for new degree students starting in Fall 2024): 7,5 methodology credits at level 1 for HUM majors. UCACCMET13 will be offered twice per year in the future.
  • Art 3.6.2h
    More options for level 2 HUM methodology: ACCMET22/23/24, ACCSTA21, ACCWRI21 and ACCMET2J added. Also, new course MET26 Logic replaces one group of MET25. This works retrospectively for all students.
  • Art 3.6.2h
    UCACCSTA21 added as alternative SSC methods requirement for students doing a SCI/SCC major. This works retrospectively for all students.
  • Art 3.6.2h
    New course MET26 Logic is also added to the options for SSC methodology. POL and LAW fellow have agreed.
  • Art 3.6.3
    Expanded to better explain BSc requirements
  • Art. 3.13
    improved description of the teaching structure

The edition for the next academic year is usually published in June.
Older versions can be found below, but are only meant for reference. they are not valid anymore once a new version has been effectuated.

Older ARRs

Download ARR 2023 - 2024
Not applicable anymore after 1 September 2024

A summary of the most important changes in 2023-2024:

No new rules
3.4 – Article inserted about UU language policy, but this does not apply to UCU. This means the following numbers in section 3 shift.
3.6.2g – Clarified minimum standards for level 3 courses. No new rule, was already checked for in practice.
3.6.2h – Clarified choice of methodology courses for SSC major and interdomain major.
3.6.3 – Clarified that a BSc requires a Science major, not just loose science courses. Section rewritten for clarity.

Section 5 (various articles) – now includes text from the abolished Assessment Policy Plan (APP).
5.6.6 and 5.14.1 – now include AI-generated text without reference as plagiarism.

Download ARR 2022 - 2023
Not applicable anymore after 1 September 2023

A summary of the most important changes in 2022-2023:

3.5.2 – Major requirement: order of bullets has changed for clarity

3.5.2d – Further explanation of option for a 7,5 credit thesis in combination with a capstone course.

3.5.2i – Methodology requirement has been clarified and now explicitly requires 7,5 credits at level 2 for all students. SCI majors are no longer required to take surplus credits when counting lab modules that potentially carry more than 2,5 credits each. Former SCI rule was 3 lab modules.

3.5.3 – More methodology options for BSc degree with Economics track

3.8a – Rewritten article about negative travel advice (UU text)

Download ARR 2021 - 2022
Not applicable anymore after 1 September 2022

A summary of the most important changes in 2021-2022:

Thesis Art. 3.5.2
If students wish, the required 15 EC thesis can be replaced by a 7,5 EC thesis in combination with a so-called capstone course. This option is available for students graduating in Spring 2022 or after; so not for students currently registered for a Fall 2021 thesis.

Major declaration Art. 3.5.5
Students must submit their initial major declaration by midterm of their third semester. This is later than before to allow for more flexible planning.

Internship art. 3.6.3
Students may include one internship in the required 180 credits of their study programme for a maximum of 7.5 credits. This rule is now slightly stricter. If students were already counting on including multiple small internships on their transcript, they can request an exception from the Exam Board as with any other rule in the ARR.

Study abroad Art. 3.8a
Article added about negative travel advice.

Plagiarism Art. 5.14.2b
Additional text added to specify the role of the Exam Board in cases of plagiarism.

Probations Art. 7.4.3
The role of the Dean in probations has been replaced by the Exam Board.

Download the ARR 2020-2021

Summary of most important changes

Organisational unit ‘Department’ removed, and replaced with description of academic domains – changes mainly in 1.2; 1.3; and 3.5

Model-OER requirement (red text) now adhered to regarding 45 credits at level 3 – changes in 3.4.2
Transition rule applies for students who started before Fall 2020.

Gathering enough level 3 courses made easier by:
- 2 of those being elective – changes in 3.5
- allowing those elective courses off be taken off campus – changes in 3.5

Credit load of 30 credits per semester made easier by allowing surplus credits from previous UCU semesters or terms to be used – changes in 3.4.3

Academic Rules and Regulations (2024)
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